Eyelash extensions are definitely dominating the beauty industry right now. They give women the opportunity to have those long, luscious, perfectly curled, jaw dropping lashes that they have always dreamed of.

Although, we’ve all heard a horror story or two regarding eyelash extensions and it’s understandable that it usually takes quite some time to convince people to give them a go.

In this blog we’ll provide some clarity and explain the top 4 reasons why you should definitely try this life changing beauty treatment.

1. Relaxing and pain free

The whole application process of eyelash extensions is incredibly relaxing, you are laying down with your eyes closed, a scented candle slowly burning, while your trusted Eyelash Technician is busy working her lash magic.

It will usually take about an hour for a full set of eyelash extensions to be applied. You will most likely drift off into a deep lash nap, waking up when the whole process is complete.

Perfect for busy women needing some relaxation time? We think so!

2. Safe and non – damaging

Despite the horror stories, when a qualified Eyelash Technician applies your eyelash extensions correctly, they are safe, non-damaging and easy to wear.

Each lash extension (synthetic fibre) is individually applied to each of your natural lashes, one by one using a medical grade adhesive.

The proper technique ensures that you don’t end up with, unattractive, clumpy and uncomfortable lashes. What you WILL end up with is a flawless set of lashes that have been applied seamlessly.

3. You will save so much makeup and time

Are you a major fan of falsies? Love how they make your eyes and makeup come to life as soon as they are popped on? You open your eyes and feel a million bucks? BUT once the night is over, so are your lashes and off come the falsies.

Well, with eyelash extensions, your lashes remain on point 24/7 (when you wake up, hit the beach, get of the shower etc.).  They are semi – permanent and can only be removed by a lash tech.

Eyelash extensions add depth, definition and volume and across your lash line, they eliminate the need to wear mascara. You’ll be quite amazed to see the major impact that the perfect set of eyelash extensions will have on your face, they will genuinely change your makeup game! ?

You’ll also be able to have a few more minutes of extra sleep in the morning; it’s a win, win situation. ? ?

4. They look AHHmazing

No joke, eyelash extensions make you feel fresh and leave you looking beautiful everyday ?. They are incredibly easy to wear and only a few aftercare rules need to be followed (no rubbing/ pulling on the extensions, avoid oil based makeup etc.)

You will no longer look sleepy or have droopy eyes. Have bags under your eyes? Well, eyelash extensions ALSO take the attention off those bags away as people will be mesmerized by your eyes and won’t look anywhere else. Luscious lashes really do make all the difference, check out our gallery for images of eyelash transformations.

SO, we really hope these tips shed some light on the joys of wearing eyelash extensions. We promise you’ll love them! ?

P.S Want some more information on eyelash extensions? feel free to get in touch with us, always happy to help. iLash Studio Sydney xo